Rescue Kitten Is Obsessed With Her Baby Lamb

When this little lamb was just a few days old, he was abandoned. Thankfully, a rescue kitten named Dora (and her family, of course!) took the baby lamb in and named him Charlie. Charlie had some health issues to overcome and Dora was by his side every step of the way.


Now, the two of them are totally inseparable! Dora taught Charlie how to play. They jump around together and chase each other… it’s totally adorable. And Charlie taught Dora all about eating hay! YUM! Dora holds the hay in her little paw and munches on it. It may just be the cutest thing you’ll see today! A kitten who “lambs.”


These two love each other so much, they even sleep together in the same bed. I guess you can say that Dora is growing up like a lamb and Charlie is growing up like a cat. Pretty neat, huh? So long as they grow up together and never have to part is all they care about. 🙂

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