‘Kitten Bowl’ to Kick Off in February

The new year may be a sign of the coming Super Bowl, but it also means cat fans can watch the "Kitten Bowl." The show is set to air on Feb. 2 on the Hallmark Channel. Beth Stern, wife of radio host Howard Stern, will host the event. Up to 70 shelter kittens will participate in the playoffs and championship tournaments, which include an obstacle course of hoops, tunnels, hurdles and more.

Stern is an animal activist with experience working with the North Shore Animal League, which is a rescue and adoption organization. 

The "Kitten Bowl" is part of the Pet Project initiative, which works to raise awareness of the struggles of shelter pets and their need for adoption. Each animal participating in the tournament is guaranteed to be adopted.

Across the nation, animal shelters are overcrowded with loving cats and dogs in need of good homes. Organizations like the Animal League work to rescue these animals and place them in permanent homes. So far, the group has helped 1 million animals.

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