Cat Lovers: Who’s Really In Charge? You Or Your Cat?

If a cat owns you then it’s a good chance that you can answer this question with ease: Who is in charge at your house? You or your cat?

Scenario One:

You’re cooking your favorite meal when suddenly, your cat decides to take over your counter and groom herself right on the cutting board.


Would you leave the room totally annoyed? Continue to prep your meal and take the chance of eating equal parts food to equal parts cat hair, and risk disturbing your cat’s rhythm? Or stop what you’re doing to stare lovingly at your cat for however long it takes for her to groom herself

If it’s the latter then you are totally in sync with most of us and the human in the video below!

Scenario Two:

It’s time to veg out on the couch after a long day. You’re exhausted and your body hurts from the daily grind. Your cat decides it is the purrfect time for her to be beside you, stretched out, taking up more than half the couch even though she only weighs ten pounds.


Would you push her off the couch so you can take full advantage of the comfy cushions and then drift off to relaxation bliss? Give her all the space she needs while you’re squished into the sofa arm, totally uncomfortable, questioning how in the world she gets away with this yet unable to move much because you don’t want to disturb her? Or leave the couch completely secretly hoping she won’t follow you?

If, as we speak, you’re squished into the couch arm like I am (and can barely move) then again, you’re in great company and proudly covered in cat hair!

Scenario Three:

You suddenly get in the mood to play with your cat, realizing she hasn’t played all day. You grab her favorite toy and start the play session but your cat seems uninterested, and stares off into the distance, totally unengaged.


Do you continue to swing the toy around like a complete cat-loving-idiot? Give up and go back to doing whatever it is you were doing before? Or get really annoyed and swear you will never initiate playtime again?

If you’re still swinging that toy around THEN you’re a cat crazed individual just like the rest of us. Be proud! You’re in good company!

No worries, Cat Lover! The video below will validate your choices!

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