Kitten Gives A Massage To Another Kitten. OH. MY. God. Cuteness Explosion!

Is there anything better than a spa day? Everyone loves being pampered right? Whether you are in a sauna, hot tub, having facial treatments, or just enjoying the quiet, it is quite a wonderful experience. The best part HAS to be the massages! There isn’t anyone out there that doesn’t need a massage from time to time! And frankly, none of us get nearly as many as we need! Well, here’s some inspiration if you want to train your own home masseuse. Nothing could possibly beat that right?!

This may just be the coolest spa and I’m praying for an invite. LOL! Can you imagine getting a massage from this kitten? Would you be able to lie still and not pick her up and kiss her? I would have a hard time but those paws look quite magical…I may just have to let her do her thing! Awwww!

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