Dog Rings The Doorbell To Tell His Family He’s Ready To Come Inside

Growing up, my family had a dog. She was the sweetest pooch ever. In her younger years, she divided her time 50/50 between staying outside in the yard and spending time inside with us.

When she got older, she was indoors a majority of the time. As she got older and less energetic, whenever she had to go outside to use the facilities, we’d often have to stand in the doorway to wait for her to finish doing her business.

Unfortunately, our door wasn’t capable of getting fitted with a doggie door so we just had to wait for her to be ready to come back inside.

Photo: Pixabay/Adina Voicu

If you don’t have a doggie door in your home, there are very limited options on how your dog can get in without you needing to monitor them in the doorframe while they’re outside.

But there is one very clever 2-year-old rescue dog from Clayton County, Georgia, who seems to have figured out a system all on his own. It’s pretty handy too!

Apparently, the smart little pooch named King has found that he can get in and out of his owner’s home whenever he wants by simply ringing the doorbell!

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

As his owner has said of King, according to ViralHog, “He has been a great addition to my home. I see new things every day from him, because he is observing everything. He is very smart and easy to train.”

This easy-to-train characteristic has come to mean that he helps himself to the doorbell once he’s gone outside and done his business.

Dog rings doorbell
Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

It is perfect for his owner as well, since King is free to come and go for as long as he wants without time constraints, and his owner simply has to answer the door when he’s ready. Who else wishes their dog could ring the doorbell to come back inside?

Watch the clip in the video below:

What do you think? Has this ever happened to you with your dog? Let us know!

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