Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary Rescues Over 100 Beagles From Research Lab In Texas

Over 100 beagles are experiencing kindness, love, and fresh air for the first time in their lives.

Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary, a 1,000 acre sanctuary in Wyoming for former research animals, just completed their largest rescue effort by transporting over 100 retired laboratory dogs to the sanctuary from a research lab in Houston, Texas.

After weeks of communication with the lab, the sanctuary’s executive director, John Ramer, received the good news that the dogs would be surrendered to them instead of being euthanized.

But they had only five days to coordinate the long distance transportation.

“This is great news, but is a little overwhelming. The logistics involved in bringing the doggies to Kindness Ranch has been challenging, but we did not hesitate,” wrote the sanctuary.

Posted by Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary on Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The rescue mission was a success thanks to the dedicated team at Kindness Ranch and two other sanctuaries, Guardians of Rescue from New York and Priceless Pets from Southern California, who stepped up to help transport and care for the dogs.

All of the beagles are getting acclimated to their new surroundings with many adjusting quickly. Just one day after they arrived at the sanctuary, many were doing zoomies around their kennels and greeting staff with wagging tails and happy barks.

Less than 24 hours on the property and 2 days out of the lab we received them from, new arrival Jersey is saying a great big "Thank You!" to all who supported and continue to support his journey to his forever home!.We think the transition is already going fantastically well! Would you like to give Jersey and his furry friends some yummy food? Visit our Chewy Wish List: YOU!

Posted by Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary on Saturday, September 25, 2021

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The sanctuary posted photos and videos of the adorable dogs and said, “We think the transition is already going fantastically well!”

The dogs have never experienced compassion or grass, until now. They have lived in solitude and been subjected to cruel tests at the hands of humans.

One of the rescue dogs named Arizona is bringing a smile to everyone’s face with her exuberance. The dogs will spend the next few weeks and months learning how great life can be.

New arrival "Arizona" was just wondering if you have had your daily dose of cuteness yet.She is absolutely loving her new surroundings and playtime with staff and new furry four legged friends!Would you like to give Arizona and her furry friends some yummy food? Visit our Chewy Wish List:

Posted by Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary on Monday, September 27, 2021

The sanctuary is asking for donations and dog food to help care for and feed all the extra dogs. People can purchase and send dog food through their Chewy Wish List.

They are overwhelmed by the support and generosity of their followers and said, “If there were a thousand ways to say THANK YOU, we would use every one! We are grateful that we are able to give safe haven to these pups, and it wouldn’t happen without people like YOU!”

The rescued beagles will be ready for their forever homes around the holidays, reports the sanctuary.

Be sure to follow Kindness Ranch on Facebook for more updates on the dogs.

Arizona says "THANK YOU for my new home!".From Houston to Wyoming this young lady has adjusted well and spent no time in winning over the hearts of staff!

Posted by Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary on Saturday, September 25, 2021

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