Study Says Gifting Your Kids (Or Grandkids) A Puppy This Christmas Will Make Them Better People

If your kids or grandkids are asking Santa for a pet this year, it might be wise to listen. According to Fast Company, a recent study has linked childhood pet ownership to professional success.

The poll, which was conducted on behalf of Banfield Pet Hospital, surveyed 857 working professionals, only to find 93 percent of C-level executives had grown up with animals as kids.

Photo: Flickr/Nick Bair

Another 78 percent of respondents remembered that furry friend – be it a dog, cat, bunny, or hamster – helping them practice important life skills, like responsibility, empathy, and creativity, which later helped them climb the corporate ladder.

Others attributed that early pet ownership to helping them better connect with clients and colleagues. A smaller, but still significant group, considered these early lessons more important than their first internship.

Photo: Flickr/Nicola Romagna

Adopting later in life has work life benefits, too. A majority of respondents reported stronger connections with pet-owning colleagues, who are also perceived to be harder workers. Meanwhile, a full 77 percent of CEOs recalled getting some of their best ideas on walks!

We’ve been saying this for years, but now the science proves it. Adopting a pet for Christmas is good for the entire family!

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