Kids, Rescued Puppies, & Schools: Everybody Wins!

Detroit’s stray dogs are going to be the beneficiary of a wonderful new partnership.

Recognizing a need to solve the ongoing issue of stray dogs in the community, as well as the mutually beneficial relationship between animals and their companions, Detroit schools have implemented a program called Good Pet Guardian Lesson Plans. The lesson plans, or “Bones,” feature stray dogs as the backdrop for teaching different subjects. In addition to traditional curriculum, the dogs are an excellent way to educate children about responsibility, compassion, and community involvement.

The hope is that the more informed children are about proper animal care, the less likely it is that animals will be mistreated in the future, and the more likely it is that the kids will turn into adults who adopt pets of their own or dedicate time and resources to protecting them.

Check out the video below to find out more about the program!

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