Pit Bull Can’t Contain His Excitement When He Finally Sees His Grandparents

There’s something about visiting grandparents that has a magical way of cheering us up. Maybe it’s the fact they have sometimes have goodies for us to snack on, or maybe they just offer a respite from our own homes and lives.

Either way, there’s something healing about visiting them, and it seems that’s true for dogs as well.

Take Kiaro, for instance – the dog who loves kittens.

Kiaro is a gentle soul who was rescued by a family and he took to his place in the home right away.

When the family took in foster kittens, the gentle pittie immediately went into “mama bear” mode and wanted to raise the kittens for himself. While his human mom did allow him to coddle the tiny kittens every now and again, he wasn’t allowed to be with them 24/7 like he wanted.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

His mom explained to The Dodo that Kiaro tried his best to keep a close eye on each little cat, and he’d wait outside the door where they were staying in the house “all day,” if he wasn’t allowed in with them.

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He internalized his role of “kitten foster mom” so much that when he couldn’t be with the kittens in the room, he’d get really sad. All Kiaro wanted to do was care for his babies, but sometimes, they needed some space and Kiaro couldn’t understand why.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

One day, after realizing he wouldn’t be allowed in to check on his little kittens, Kiaro resigned to the couch. He was laying around looking rather sad and depressed when his owner had a great idea to cheer him up.

One thing that always makes Kiaro happy is a visit with his grandma and grandpa, so they decided to try that and see if it’d help him overcome his sadness of not being with the kittens.

As soon as they mentioned “visiting grandparents” Kiaro immediately perked up and darted to the front door to wait.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

It wasn’t long before they were in the car and headed to their grandparents’ house, and Kiaro couldn’t contain his excitement.

Once they arrived at the house, he was too stoked to go inside! He patiently waited with the biggest grin on his face. Finally, he got to rush into the home and tackle his grandpa with love, followed by his grandma. It was too sweet!

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

It seems visiting with his grandparents made up for not being able to see his kittens. Hopefully he enjoyed some time off “mom” duty!

Watch the video below:

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