Man Walks Toward Lioness He Helped Raise. When She Realizes It’s Him, She’s Overwhelmed With Joy

Kiara the lioness, who resides at The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, has not seen her ‘first adopted dad,’ Adolfo, in a long time. When the foundation first rescued her, Adolfo was a big part of her life, helping her become the lioness she is today.

Adolfo walks toward her enclosure and calls Kiara’s name. As soon as she hears it, she looks right in his direction and immediately recognizes him. He opens the gate and she jumps on him before he can even take two steps. He topples to the ground with his giant lioness friend hugging him and licking him. She looks like a giant puppy! It’s obvious that Kiara holds a special place in her heart for Adolfo and enjoys his company. Watch their reunion for yourself in the video below.

The animals at The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation are rescued from sad circumstances, such as circuses, breeding facilities, and from people that have them as pets. The foundation provides them with a home, the best food and medical care available, and a life filled with love.

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