Stray Dog With Skin Disease Shrieked Whenever She Was Touched. Now, She Looks Like A Different Dog!

A stray dog in horrible shape was found at the entrance of Koochesfehan Town in Iran. She had a very bad skin disease which caused her to lose all of her hair, and she sported a very painful look on her face.

When rescuers picked her up, she shrieked with loud cries. They brought her to Sezar Sanctuary where she received the medical attention she so desperately needed. Today, she is doing very well. She has been neutered and has gained a lot of weight. All of her hair has grown back and now she is very happy and healthy. Now all she needs is a loving family to call her own!

Sezar Sanctuary started with a man named Hosein Mohammadi, whose personal calling is to help animals in need. Alone, he has been successful in rescuing and restoring back to normal hundreds of dogs in Iran. His mission has spread through Sezar Sanctuary, and together they are making Iran a better place for animals.

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