Rescued Pittie Is So Weak She Can Barely Stand On Her Own

It is incredible just how much time can heal someone’s traumas – animals included.

One rescue worker, Michelle, knew that things were going to be difficult when she got a foster from the shelter.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Michelle fosters for Mutty Paws Rescue, but she was quite taken aback by this poor dog’s condition.

According to The Dodo, the young pitbull, who was named Khaleesi, was absolute skin and bones when she was taken in by Michelle and her partner.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Khaleesi was so skinny that she couldn’t walk on her own without assistance, and she had to be fed every 30 minutes.

But, the couple was dedicated to her recovery. It was their love and care for her that worked miracles for Khaleesi’s journey.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

In the end, she made it through the worst of it, eventually becoming a brand new dog!

Watch the incredibly heartwarming journey in the video clip below:

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