Live Animals Are Stuck Inside Plastic Keychains And Sold To Tourists

This is one of those things that makes me sick. Like how could someone actually think it’s ok to not only make these but buy one? I for one thought this was fake until I read on Snopes that it was legit.

Vendors in China have been selling these live animal keychains for years. They place turtles, fish, salamanders, and frogs into plastic bubbles along with a key chain.

Photo: Imgur

According to CNN, the tiny animals are made ‘more attractive’ to tourists by filling the packaging with brightly colored liquid, beads, and other material.

Photo: Imgur

The water supposedly contains oxygen and nutrients so the animal can stay alive for a couple of days without opening the packaging.

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Photo: Imgur

If we saw these on the street, we would buy them all and then release the animals back into the wild. Why not just sell them as pets? I don’t understand the keychain appeal.

Photo: Imgur

You can watch a video of the desperate little keychain animals below.

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