Japanese Man Starts Viral Trend With Anti-Keyboard Cat Invention

Not everyone is a fan of keyboard cat, particularly Twitter user uwabamichan.

Frustrated with his feline friend strutting around his laptop keyboard, the Japanese man started a viral thread to help iterate an effective, though a little draconic, solution.

uwabamichan_ posted an image of a keyboard-mounted bed of spikes alongside the purring pet who’s been disturbing his work.

Before long, the rest of the Twittersphere joined in.

One had the idea to simply put a more comfortable container near their PC.

The math checks out.

Others indicated that the suggested solution may be more of a lure than a barrier.

“Cat acupressure massager,” tweeted nyannkoZ

In the end, it’s not clear if uwabamichan’s idea actually helped or harmed his focus. His cat wasn’t only biting the corner of his laptop screen in retaliation, but finding new and more destructive ways to lounge about the work space.

“In the end, I managed to remove it with my hands because I could not prevent it with a barrier,” he tweeted. “Every day if I keep doing it stubbornly by hand, it is thought that “If you go to the back of the PC, you will be caught up” and I often go to the back of the PC and I am in trouble.”

Do you have a better solution? Twitter is eager to see it in action!

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