Watch Adorable Pig Complete His Bedtime Routine

Just like humans, many pets have routines they enjoy in their daily life.

For example, there’s the dog that does an energetic morning dance, or the pig that gets a treat for going potty before bed.

In a video shared on YouTube, you can watch Kevin the pig partaking in his evening routine and it’s quite cute. The adorable pig lives with his family in Brentwood, California, and he gets to enjoy the finer things in life, like pets and snuggles on his very own bed.

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

Kevin is a 5-year-old “mini” pig, weighing in at less than 300lbs. While most mini pigs adopted by well-intentioned families end up dead or in shelters before they’re 2-years-old according to National Geographic, Kevin was blessed with a family who knows what it takes to have a pet pig.

They have him set up with a comfortable crate, a dog bed that doubles as a pig bed, and plenty of love. Kevin’s place in the family is inside the house, so he has a special piggy door that he uses to take himself outside to go potty. However, he’s not quite keen on potty breaks when it’s pouring rain outside.

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

Before bed each night, Kevin has to go potty, but when it’s raining outside, he needs a little coaxing to get motivated – like the promise of some blueberries afterward.

After he’s done his business and has been rewarded with treats, Kevin slowly makes his way upstairs before settling into sleep for the night.

Watch his routine in the video below:

Pigs are incredibly smart, sentient animals with a high level of intelligence and love to give. Sadly, many people adopt pigs thinking they’ll remain like tiny piglets forever when that’s simply not the reality. Pigs are much higher maintenance than most dogs and aren’t as easy to house train.

For starters, they grow much larger than dogs (even the “mini” pigs, which can grow up to 300lbs). They also root and nest naturally, which means they might tear carpet, scratch wood, and drag random items around the house to make nests.

Photo: flickr/Tambako The Jaguar

They also can’t go on long walks or runs like dogs do because of their knees and legs. Pig owners need to supply amble space for a pig to exercise and stretch, without the need of a lengthy walk.

Anyone considering adopting a pig should talk to a rescue or shelter with pigs to get a full, accurate picture of what pig ownership truly entails!

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