Neglected Puppy Left Chained Outside Gets Adopted Into A Loving Home

No animal should ever be neglected. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see a dog who is tied up outside and left forgotten.

That is no life for any animal, but it’s the reality that many face. There was one little puppy that was purchased by its owners after their previous guard dog had passed away.

Rather than being loved and cared for, the little puppy was chained up and left to fend for himself with nothing more than some dirty water wand a dilapidated dog house.

Photo: YouTube/Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

The poor little pooch was completely depressed in his tragic young life; fortunately, it wasn’t to last as Love Furry Friends Rescue was able to step in and help.

The rescue had gotten wind of Keks’ living situation following a post on social media. They immediately arrived on-site to evaluate the situation and see how they could help.

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Following a conversation with Keks’ owners, they were able to convince the dog owner to relinquish control over to the animal rescue. Keks was finally free!

Photo: YouTube/Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

He was transported by the rescue to a vet for medical evaluation. While in the rescue’s care, the little pup even got to make a new friend, Bunny, who became the pup’s BFF.

The two would go on to partake in a photoshoot together, which resulted in the two getting adopted into their forever homes.

Photo: YouTube/Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

That is just too sweet!

Watch Keks’ story below:

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