Scared Dog Hides Under Abandoned Car, So Rescuer Does What He Must To Reach Him

Hope For Paws rescue team received a call on their emergency number about a small dog who was living under an abandoned car.

The car tires were deflated, leaving the car just inches off the ground. The scruffy terrier puppy was using the car as a security barrier. When rescuers approached, he scurried to the front of the car. It was a spot where the rescuers could not reach him.

They tried to coax him out, but he growled in fear. After a few minutes of not budging the pup, one rescuer went to new heights. He decided the only way he was going to reach him was by climbing onto the hood of the parked car.

Photo:Youtube/ Hope For Paws
Photo:Youtube/ Hope For Paws

The car was parked right up to the wall. There was not enough room between the car and wall, so on the hood of the car was the only option. Once above the frightened dog, the rescuer attempted to capture the dog’s head.

Photo:Youtube/ Hope For Paws
Photo:Youtube/ Hope For Paws

It took some interesting sounds made by the rescuer to pique the dog’s interest and make him look. Once the loop was around his neck, the rescuer was able to lift him to safety. The dog that was apprehensive and defensive on the ground melted when in the rescuer’s lap. They were able to pet him and bring him to the shelter.

Photo:Youtube/ Hope For Paws
Photo:Youtube/ Hope For Paws

Once he was bathed and shown love, he opened up into a playful puppy. They named him Keanu. He is now living in a foster home waiting for the perfect person to come adopt him.

Thank you Hope For Paws rescue team for not giving up on this pup.

Watch the full rescue below.

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