Dog Rescue Stories: Kayuh Escaped the Dog Meat Trade

Kayuh started her new life in Los Angeles, California on December 21st, 2016.

I had no idea that I would celebrate Christmas with a new puppy. I came across a social media post about dogs in Korea being tortured and eaten. I couldn’t believe what I was reading (I’m half Korean).

I found < href="" target="_blank">, where I learned about the hell the dogs go through in dog meat trade. Some dogs are skinned alive and all dogs are tortured. They are hung from their necks and beaten before they get killed, because it is believed that the meat is “better” and “healthier” if the dog suffers.

Source: Positively Woof

It actually carries serious health risks to people who consume it and the dog farms are extremely unsanitary and illegal in Korea.

Source: Positively Woof

For someone who loves animals, the dog meat trade is hard to confront. The videos are intense but they are, sadly, real. Through I found Nami Kim, who founded Save Korean Dogs. She has been called the ‘Mother Theresa’ of dogs. Save Korean Dogs desperately needs funding and the dogs desperately need homes.

I wasn’t planning to get a dog from them for some years, but I realized that it needed to happen now. I reached out to Nami and within a few days, I was at Korean Air Cargo picking up a little, female Jindo mix!

Source: Positively Woof

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What I can do now is give Kayuh a really great life and tell her story. A lot of people I meet don’t know that dogs are still eaten, and if they do, they don’t know that they get tortured. Nami Kim of Save Korean Dogs is Kayuh’s hero and mine, too!

Source: Positively Woof

Source: Positively Woof

This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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