Shelter Pup Cried Every Time He Was Touched, Until One Woman Changed His Life

An abused dog at the Breasta Animal Shelter in Craiova, Romania, cowered and screamed every single time he was touched. He was traumatized from his past and clearly still fearful people would hurt him again.

But the staff at the shelter refused to give up on him. One of the caretakers there began petting him as he let out loud yelps. She kept talking to him and reassuring him that she was there to help him and that everything was going to be ok.

Photo: Breasta Animal Shelter

As she kept petting him, the dog kept crying. But she was very gentle with him and eventually he began to calm down. This woman worked her magic and finally got the dog to stop crying at the feel of human touch.

This was the first time this pup ever felt love, literally and figuratively. This rescuer’s kindness and patience helped this long-suffering dog realize that not everyone in this world was going to hurt him. The abuse was finally over. Those horrible days are gone.

Photo: Breasta Animal Shelter

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When the terrified dog was finally calm, rescuers were able to address another pressing issue. The poor pooch was so malnourished and underweight that his ribs and bones were clearly visible from out beneath his fur! Rescuers quickly got to work nursing him to a healthier weight. Finally, the pup — now called Kanye — was rescued from the shelter and moved to live with a foster family in the U.K.

Photo: Facebook/kerry wollacott

Animal rescuer Kerry Wollacott posted an update on Facebook saying Kayne — now a happy, healthy dog — has since found a forever home with a loving family! And not only does he have new humans, but he also has new doggy friends. We’re so glad that this long-suffering shelter pup is finally living the good life he deserves!

Check out Kanye’s inspiring rescue story in the video below!

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