Orphaned Baby Kangaroos Can’t Stop Smothering Their Rescuer With Hugs To Show Their Appreciation

These orphaned baby kangaroos, who reside at Our Haven Wildlife Shelter, are so thankful to be rescued and can’t stop showing their appreciation. They are extremely lovable and affectionate, and climb all over their rescuer to smother him with hugs. They even hug each other, too. Animals have feelings just like we do, and it’s so heart-warming to see how loving these cute little guys are! How lucky is this man to not only have the privilege of saving cute kangaroos, but to also be hugged by them too?!

Our Haven Wildlife Shelter is a non-profit organization in Australia. It is self-funded and run by a couple named Theresa and Tony who rescue injured and orphaned wildlife. They also answer calls from people with questions about wildlife, and visit clubs and schools to share their knowledge with students.

Watch the baby kangaroos giving hugs in the video below:

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