Water Buffalo Calf Rescued From Neglect And Abuse Loves Splashing Around In His New Life Now

Kalu is a water buffalo who lives at the Home for Retired Bullocks, a sanctuary in India supported by PETA and operated by Animal Rahat.

Today, he gets to do things that he enjoys such as rolling in the mud, playing with his friends, and splashing in pools of water. But his life wasn’t always this great.

Kalu – like many other water buffalo, donkeys, bulls, or other working animals in India – would have been forced to pull heavy loads while being denied food and water. Some animals are even worked to death, while others are killed and skinned for leather.

Luckily, Kalu was rescued when he was still a calf. He was so small when he arrived at the sanctuary, that he was delivered in a bicycle basket. He was painfully thin and scarfed down all of the food they gave him. Now he is grown up and is big and strong. Watch him in his happy new life in the video below:

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