Dog With The First Wheelchair In Nepal Is A Rolling Sensation!

Kalu lived on the streets of Nepal. He was found on the side of the road with a broken spine, punctured legs and tick fever. But his rescuer didn’t care what was wrong with him, she just wanted to make him better. And feel loved!


Living in the United States is a privilege. Sometimes we forget about that! We have so many resources here, but in Nepal, dogs like Kalu are put down. They don’t have rescue organizations like we do. They certainly don’t have companies that make dog wheelchairs either! So, Kalu’s mama reached out to a place in America called Walkin’ Pets and got Kalu a chair of his own.


Now Kalu can be seen strolling (and rolling!) around, inspiring other dogs AND people. He shows others that there is hope for dogs that need help getting around.

Isn’t Kalu awesome? And so is Walkin’ Pets!

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