Just Wait ‘Til You See His Transformation! All Kale Chips Needs Now Is His Fur-Ever Home!

Kale Chip’s story exploded all over social media. Disturbing images of this rotund (but adorable!) beagle shocked a nation. Well, now that he’s in a foster home, getting the proper attention and diet he needs, he’s really come a long way! Stories like this one are so important to share. Education about proper diet and exercise needs to be implemented so no animal has to suffer like Kale Chips did. Can you imagine how uncomfortable he was? Now that he’s turning his life around, we need to do our part to share his story and find him a forever home!

Here’s a paw-tastic post about animals that have made HUGE transformations. They’re really quite inspiring. There’s even a bit about Kale Chips in there and an updated picture of his progress. How amazing does he look now?! I’m floored! Gotta love a happy ending, especially when there’s wagging tails invovled! YAY!

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