Woman Adopts A Dog That No One Wanted. Months Later, The Dog Saved Her Life In Return

Kailey, a shepherd mix, was on the DeKalb County, Ga, Animal Services Adoption list for a year, but nobody wanted her. Her foster parents, Jacqueline Berlin and Keith Santer-Perham, think it was most likely due to a behavioral issue.

Kailey would eventually be euthanized if no one adopted her. Berlin posted on Facebook desperately searching for someone who wanted to adopt her. That’s when Suzy Chandler saw the post and knew she had to help.

Chandler rescued the three-year-old dog, but she had no idea that shortly after, the dog would be rescuing her. One night, Kailey started barking and looking at her new owners. She was growling as if she were trying to get their attention.

Kailey led Chandler outside to a specific spot. That’s when Chandler took a whiff of an overwhelming smell of gas. Chandler immediately called the fire department.

It turns out that the gas had been emanating from an apartment complex next door, where many kids lived. Kailey saved their lives!

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