K911: Saving Lives With One Touch Of A Paw

FK_911Canine_325x400We’ve always seen our canine friends as our life long pals who’ll always be by our side. We can all agree the bond we create with them, makes us realize we can’t live without them. And it’s not wrong to say they probably feel the same way and can’t see life without us.

In times of need we’ve found ourselves to be there for them, and we know that they’ll be there for us and others. They’ve proven this as both a companion but also as a professional, working alongside firefighters, policemen, and guard dogs for our homes and businesses.

But now you can also add one more job to their long list of duties, 911 dispatcher.

With their keen sense to empathize with their human counterparts and awareness of when we are in trouble, having a dog around has become a lifesaver. Whether we take a fall, experience a seizure, heart attack, or stroke, our four-legged friends instincts kick-in and they know when to call for help.

Making it one step easier for them to get the immediate response we need, a phone has been developed just for our pooch pals to call for help in these types of emergency situations.

Created for all types and sizes of dogs to access, the one-button design allows a dog to call an emergency dispatcher with one touch of their paw. It has become a simple innovation that’s easy to teach our canines to use to get us out of sticky situations and even save our ives.

The way the system works is once a home is set-up with a dog-operated emergency phone-line, they are then flagged in an emergency system so dispatchers are aware that a call can be made from a dog within that home.

Check out how this pooch saved his owner’s life with the one-touch system.

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