Can This Former Fighting Dog Be Rehabilitated For A Forever Home?

Justice’s story is a sad one. He was a “member” of a dog fighting ring. Once authorities shut down the ring, Justice was rescued. Despite where he comes from, Justice is timid and afraid of so many things around him, including people. Probably because the people in his past, weren’t exactly kind to him.


Many of these dogs are presumed to be aggressive and immediately put down. However, there are rescue groups that are willing to see what can be done to save as many doggy victims as possible. Trained professionals will assess the dogs to see if they are able to enter rehabilitation. It’s hard to tell at first, but with proper screening, the pros can separate the aggressors from the bait dogs. Which group do you think Justice comes from?


Even with all the laws we have today and so many concerned citizens, dog fighting still exists. Sadly, this is the reality many rescue groups face. But these groups and their volunteers don’t believe in giving up. Dogs like Justice deserve a real chance at a happy doggy life, if it’s at all possible. With love and determination, I think Justice has a fighting chance!

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