Watch What Happens When The Farmer Turns His Back On His Goats

Goats are full of playful energy, and can be very curious, which is why it’s often risky to turn your back on them.

This farmer gives his goats an inch, and they wind up jumping a mile.

A little goat ingenuity is all it took for one to find the way to the trampoline, and pretty soon, his kid siblings followed suit.

The hilarious herd enjoys bouncing around for a bit, but quickly wises up when the farmer calls.

Life on the farm isn’t all fun and games, after all. There’s milking to be done, crops to be planted, pigs to be slopped…and eventually more trampoline.

See if you can watch the video below without cracking a goaty grin yourself.

The goats may be back to work, but you can replay their hoofed hi jinx all you like!

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