Rescued Dogs Finally Taste Freedom After Flying To Safety For Independence Day

On July 4, we celebrate America’s independence and all the rights we hold dear. But life and liberty are also important for animals, especially for shelter pets hoping someone will adopt them.

This is particularly true in the South, where shelter overcrowding leaves animals at risk of euthanasia. Not only are homeless pets forced to spend their days in crowded, noisy kennels, but they also risk their lives with each passing day they await forever homes.

Photo: Pixabay

In honor of Independence Day–and to celebrate The Animal Rescue Site’s 20th birthday in July–GreaterGood and GreaterGood Charities are teaming up to fly 50 at-risk shelter pets to safety and freedom!

On July 12, our Independence Day Flight to Freedom will fly 50 shelter pets rescued from Lousiana and Alabama to safety in Wisconsin, where demand for adoption is high. Without this Flight to Freedom, many of these shelter pets would face euthanasia.

After the plane lands in Wisconsin, our shelter pet fliers will be transferred to the Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) and other local shelter partners, where they’ll be adopted in days.

On July 12, Glory will join 50 shelter pets flying to safety on our Independence Day Flight to Freedom! Photo: Greater Good Charities

Our Independence Day Flight to Freedom will save animals like Glory, a six-month-old hound mix found under a highway bridge in Louisiana with her sister. Fortunately, the abandoned dogs found a man heading to camp and followed his truck, hoping he would stop to help them.

“It took no time at all for him to figure out these two siblings had been dumped in the middle of the swamp with little land to run on,” shelter workers told Greater Good Charities. When the man opened the door to see if either dog had a collar, the hungry, abandoned pups hopped right in.

Glory can’t wait to meet her new family in Wisconsin! Photo: Greater Good Charities

“They were thirsty, hungry, and a tad bit scared, but food quickly overpowered their fear,” said shelter workers. Back at the shelter, the sisters were promptly booked on our next Flight to Freedom, their best chance of finding forever homes.

Our Independence Day Flight to Freedom will also fly Tippie, a three-year-old terrier mix rescued from a Lousiana house crowded with 15 other dogs.

Tippie was surrendered to the shelter after her owner realized she had too many animals. Photo: Greater Good Charities

“She came into our custody when her owner finally had the courage to ask for help,” said shelter workers, recalling how Tippie’s owner had failed to spay/neuter her pets, a crucial mistake that quickly ballooned into an unmanageable number of animals.

“Not realizing how fast dogs multiple when unaltered, she soon found herself with 15 dogs in her home,” shelter workers recalled. “The lady found herself struggling to pay her bills; at times, she even had a hard time feeding herself.”

On July 12, Tippie will be flying to her new life in Wisconsin! Photo: Greater Good Charities

Tippie’s owner tried her best to care for all of her dogs, but eventually realized this wasn’t fair to the animals. Tippie was one of 13 animals surrendered to the shelter, which also helped the woman neuter/spay the two dogs she decided to keep.

“With tears in her eyes, she began bringing her dogs in with hopes that they may be able to find the home they deserved,” shelter workers told Greater Good Charities. “It was a hard decision, but she knew surrendering these pets would hopefully give them a better chance at life.”

A shelter dog traveling on Flights to Freedom. Photo: Greater Good Charities

Of course, Flights to Freedom are also funded through reader donations, which means we’ll need your help flying Glory, Tippie, and all of their friends to freedom for Independence Day!

Just $5 allows us to fund 125 air miles for a shelter pet flying on Flights to Freedom, while larger donations help us save even more animals. Can you make a donation to help us fly Glory, Tippie, and other at-risk shelter pets on our Independence Day Flight to Freedom?

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