Abused Pig Used For Breeding Never Got To See Her Babies. This Time, She Finally Gets To Keep Them

Julia was once a breeding sow on a factory farm, but her babies were taken away from her every single time.

She was sadly abused, and factory workers would drag her by her ears as well as beat her and burn her with a cattle prod. Thankfully, an employee at the farm recorded the abuse and reported it.

Eventually, Julia ended up at Farm Sanctuary. Within hours of her arrival, she gave birth to piglets. Except this time, her babies would never be taken away from her! Now, her babies have grown bigger than she is!

Julia never knew what love felt like, and she never got to share her own love with her babies since they kept being taken away from her. But now, she will always feel love and will be able to give that love right back to her kids for the rest of her life!

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