This ‘Wolf On The Loose’ Turned Out To Be Gentle Animal, Looking For a Loving Forever Home

Imagine seeing a wolf running around your neighborhood. It would be pretty scary, right? A text was sent to Hope For Paws, since, most likely, they were the most qualified to catch the “scary beast.” But it turned out she wasn’t a wolf at all!

Maybe a hybrid of some sort but definitely not a wild wolf!

Once Eldad and Lisa were able to get close, they could tell that this was one of the most gentle creatures they had ever met! They named her Julia. She didn’t fight being captured, probably too exhausted to do so. Julia was severely malnourished, covered in mange, filthy, and her paws were in horrible condition. Her nails had grown out so much that they were disfigured.

BUT… Julia, with her gentle yet strong spirit, was about to get the best medical treatment possible, and leave her former life far behind. She received medicated baths, antibiotics, and a steady, healthy diet. Once she had a safe place to heal, she did so very well and did so very quickly.

Julia found her forever home and is doing great. This once unrecognizable animal is now living a dog’s dream life. What a precious pup! HOORAY!

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