Sweet Dog Has Been Waiting 2 Years For A Forever Home

Juju, a stray Pit bull, was rescued and brought to a crowded Texas shelter, just in time to deliver nine puppies.

A noisy and busy shelter was no place for a new mother to nurse and raise her puppies. Thankfully, Mysti Boehler, founder of StreetsToSheets Animal Rescue, took them all to her rescue for peace and quiet. There the puppies were able to play and grow until they were of age to be adopted.

Photo: Facebook/StreetsToSheets Animal Rescue

Just like most puppies, they were quickly adopted. The sweet and caring Juju was left behind with no one interested in adopting her. Boehler is baffled that no one has wanted to adopt the loving dog. She tells The Dodo, “She is so deserving. She’s the most perfect girl. I can’t understand why she gets overlooked.”

Juju is 4-years-old and loves everyone she meets, including children and dogs of all sizes. She is outgoing and loves to play fetch. Most days she plays with toys waiting for that special someone to walk through the door. Although toys are high on her list of things she loves – water is at the top.

Photos: Facebook/StreetsToSheets Animal Rescue

It doesn’t matter in what form, river, pool or a hose, Juju will jump right into the water. “She absolutely loves playing with the hose and going in the swimming pool,” Boehler said. “If she sees water, she’s there!”

After she has exerted all her energy playing, she loves to relax by snuggling. Boehler has taken Juju to her home over the holidays, so she does not have to spend them alone in the shelter.

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Photos: Facebook/StreetsToSheets Animal Rescue

She would love for Juju to find her forever home before the holidays. There is no distance too far to travel for the perfect home. Boehler said, “We drive the dog there ourselves for the home check, then stay there for a few days to help everyone settle in. For the perfect home, we’ll go anywhere.”

This loving girl deserves a family and home of her own. Just look at those adorable ears! She loves to cuddle and sleep in bed with her people. If you are interested in adopting Juju, you can contact the rescue.

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