Dog’s Favorite Toy Comes To Life!

Paws down, this is my new favorite video. It’ll be yours too, trust me! Jolene, the sweetest dog, LOVES her toy Gumby. I mean, who doesn’t love Gumby?! Smart dog! She can’t get enough of the adorable character in miniature version, so her humans thought it would be a real treat if they dressed up as her favorite toy.

Jolene’s reaction is off the charts! She’s so excited that she can’t contain her happiness. She “attacks” her giant toy with such excitement, like a little kid! She doesn’t even want to share him with her sibling. She’s like: Back off, bro, this giant Gumby is mine!

Do you think she should let her human take off his costume (EVER)? I bet it taking it off was a real struggle! Hopefully, he will put it back on again (and again) because seeing this dog this happy, is the biggest treat of all!

I bet your friends will LOVE this. Anyone who grew up watching the silly green clay-mated character will totally get how paw-tastic this is!

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