Jimmy Fallon Parody Video Featuring Pets Goes Viral

In mid March, filmmaker Tatia Pilieva shared a video she made featuring 20 strangers kissing for the first time. “First Kiss” has since garnered over 75 million views and inspired countless parodies. However, one mock version has trumped all the rest, making headlines and inspiring laughs and sighs of cuteness. “First Lick” is a video created by late-night host and comedian Jimmy Fallon and it features cats and dogs interacting for the very first time.


The short film has over a million views on YouTube, which isn’t quite as many as “First Kiss,” but it is certainly a favorite. It’s difficult not to fall in love with the animals in the film, some of which jump at the chance to play with another pet while others ignore their partner. The video also featured numerous pairings: puppies and puppies, kittens and kittens and dog and cat. Near the end, a group of puppies abandons one another to run toward the camera man and begin licking.

The video is lovable because of the cute animals, but also because of the crowd. You’ll hear “awwws,” along with laughter throughout the film, which only makes it easier to join the group of enamored viewers.

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