A Very Special Cat Teaches His ‘Grumpy Grandpa’ How To Smile Again

Animals are capable of changing our lives in so many ways. Here’s a special story about a cat who came into a man’s life at the purrfect time!

At 94 years young, Jiji and his world around him had changed. His health was declining rapidly. Because he could no longer work and do the things he always loved to do, his whole attitude changed. He went from being vibrant and happy to sad and grumpy. According to his granddaughter Akiko DuPont said on Boredpanda, “The once outgoing man gradually lost his interest in life and became grumpier than ever.”

The family adopted a very special cat, they named Kinako. The adorable, shy ginger kitty must have sensed that Jiji needed a friend and gravitated toward him from the start. The shy cat felt calmer, and safer, around Jiji.

The two began to develop a bond, and with that special bond came a special friendship. The grandpa who had become cranky and depressed, now had something and someone to live for. This new sense of purpose was life-changing. Jiji had someone to lie around with, play with, and read with.

Being out of work and stuck at home was no longer unfulfilling. Jiji had purpose again! And a fur-friend who made life worth living!

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