Dog Hit By Car Cowered In Pain And Growled In Fear At People Who Tried To Help

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, received a call about a Pit bull who had been hit by a car. The witness, Sonja Flores, stayed with the dog until help arrived.

When volunteers arrived, the dog was sitting underneath a car. They used a gentle snare to secure her, and then they used an extra one as a precaution. She surprisingly sat still, and allowed them to place it over her head. They then pulled her out from under the car and onto the sidewalk so she would be farther away from the busy road.

She was very nervous and would growl at them, so they used a towel to pet her with. It was obvious that she was in a lot of pain, and she couldn’t even stand on her front right leg. They put her in a cage and then quickly rushed her to the local hospital.

At the hospital, they gave her x-rays, which showed that the pup fortunately didn’t have any broken bones. She did have a lot of bruising, so they gave her pain medicine to help her cope with the pain.

They named this poor pup Jezebel, and she began warming up to the people there. It turns out that Jezebel is actually a very friendly and affectionate dog! She was very grateful that they saved her, and even thanked them with hugs.

Jezebel healed up very nicely, and now she’s doing great! Hope For Paws wanted her to become a breed ambassador, so they sent her for training with Farren Mahone. She is now awaiting her forever home. If you’re interested in adopting sweet Jezebel, contact

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