JetBlue Flight Attendants Help Save The Life Of a 3-Year-Old French Bulldog

After multiple tragic dog deaths on airlines, pet parents were really considering if flying was a safe option. Perhaps this sweet story will change their minds. A JetBlue flight crew leaped into action when a young dog aboard their flight needed their help.

Steven and Michele Burt were traveling with their beloved 3-year-old French bulldog, Darcy, from Florida to Massachusetts. All of a sudden, Darcy started having difficulty breathing and was struggling to find air. Her tongue began to turn blue from lack of oxygen.

Photo: Facebook/Heidi Darling
Photo: Facebook/Heidi Darling

Immediately, the flight attendants ran to grab a small oxygen mask, ice and water. The oxygen mask was quickly attached and fit the dog’s round muzzle perfectly. Within a few minutes, the relief in Darcy’s eyes revealed that she was going to be ok.

Photo: Facebook/Heidi Darling
Photo: Facebook/Heidi Darling

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“I believe [crew members] Renaud and Diane saved a life, some may reduce the value of the life because Darcy is a canine, I do not,” Michele Burt tells ABC News. Renaud recognized that Darcy was overheating when saw her panting heavily and struggling to breathe. Renaud is familiar with French bulldogs, because he is the proud owner of one as well. When he saw Darcy in distress, he sprung into action to help.


“You couldn’t help but notice the change in her eyes. I know it’s not a child or a person but she is a family member. I just felt very grateful,” Burt states. The quick action of the flight attendants and the oxygen mask saved Darcy’s life. To show their appreciation, the couple sent a thank you letter praising the flight crew for saving their dog’s life.

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