Jesse the Jack Demonstrates How to Get Your Dog to Lend a Helping Paw

So, your dog knows how to sit, stay, roll over, and fetch your slippers, but does he help you with the groceries, too? If you’ve ever wondered if your furry friend could lend a paw or four around the house instead of just slobber and hair, you’re in luck.

Building on the basic tricks your dog may already know, you can train your pet to be more helpful around the house, and reinforce good behavior at the same time. Whether it’s a slight modification to the “touch” command, or associating different words with the color of your laundry, many dogs can be taught to assist without extensive retraining.

There are few dogs more happy to be helpful than Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier. This entertainer from Arizona has been training with his handler for years and loves learning new tricks.

Watch 11 of his most helpful moments here!

11. Setting the Mood

Each morning, Jesse wakes his owner up with a little nuzzle, followed by some light music. He knows where items belong, and has been taught to put CDs in the player and shut the lid.



10. Setting the Table

Pancakes today. Maybe a little soggy, but they’re still warm! Jesse learned to set the table just like with the CD player. He puts everything where it belongs, and adds a bit of charm to every meal.


9. Cleaning Up

Housework isn’t such a chore when you’ve got a perky pup handling the job!

Jesse knows the difference between toys that are for chewing and a feather duster for dusting. As he holds the duster in his mouth, his handler leads him around the pictures and knickknacks that might need a little brush-off.


8. Don’t Forget

Don’t worry, Jesse has this one covered.


7. Soak it Up

Jesse knows when to soak up a spill and when to call in his handler for reinforcements with the mop. Of course, Jesse is gained to use it himself, but that’s just showboating.


6. Morning Paper

No surprise here. Jesse can fetch the mail. He can also put it on the coffee table and put your outgoing letters in the mail truck before it leaves. Need anything notarized? He’s working on that, too.


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