Are Cats Our Evil Archnemeses? Here Are 15 Examples That May Prove It!

If you have a cat in your life, you probably understand the peace and happiness they bring.

Or maybe you don’t

There’s no denying that our furry feline friends have strange methods when it comes to making theirselvez at home. But when those methods involve knocking things in the floor, testing the house apart, and then sitting on to of the mess, it’s easy to get frustrated.

Let’s face it, cats can be real jerks sometimes.

There’s a popular saying that goes, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all.” So, instead of using this post to complain about cats, we’ll just show you some pictures of the unwarranted destruction their responsible for.

You’ve been warned, and so have these cats!

15. Save your seat

What? I moved.

This scooter has room for one, and today, it’s not going to be you.

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14. Cantankerous Cat

I will destroy all the things!!! from r/CatsAreAssholes

I’m sorry, was this yours? I’ll be right over here giving it a makeover.

13. Were you celebrating something?

These balloons were meant for a gender reveal. from r/CatsAreAssholes

Apparently these balloons were part of a special party. Cat doesn’t care. Cat doesn’t care one bit.

But, did someone say something about a new baby? That’s going to change the family dynamic around here, and fast!

You better stake out your turf, kitty!

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