Jazzy The Dachshund Gets The Pink Wheelchair Of Her Dreams!

Meet an adorable Dachshund that takes being fabulous to a whole new level! Jazzy is paralyzed and has had many challenges in her life. But getting around is about to get easier. After her hernia repair, she was fitted for a very special wheelchair. It’s pink! So now she can get around and be fabulous at the same time. How adorable is this dog?!

Many animals that have special needs still make wonderful pets. They just need some extra TLC. If you are willing to open your home and your heart to an animal with special needs, you won’t regret it! Some are facing challenges that can improve so much with a comfy home and stability. Conventional medicine can only do so much, these animals need lots of love too. Just look at Jazzy! Her human adores her!

If you are willing to take in a pet with special needs, call your local shelters and rescue groups. They would be thrilled!!!

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