This Precious Cat Wasn’t Being Adopted. So The Rescue Did Something Clever

An Australian ad for a rescue cat deserves all the awards and all the virtual cookies we could possibly give it.

The creative approach was taken for a cat named Jaws. Which, as one Facebook commenter noted, is hilariously ironic because Jaws is missing half of her mandible. It makes her a messy eater, and she requires some help with grooming, but otherwise she’s a pretty normal cat who loves to play and receive chin scratches.

No, wait—there’s one other thing: her half-missing mandible makes her tongue stick out in the cutest expression. That makes it hard not to smile when looking at her.


It’s astounding that people didn’t jump at the chance to adopt this precious girl!

So her rescue organization, the RSPCA of New South Wales, conjured up a hilariously brilliant marketing tactic: they wrote an ad in her voice—or at least the voice they thought she might have if she could speak English!

Hello there, my name ith Jawths.

I wath brought into the thelter ath a thray cat. Luckily thumone thpotted me when I thruggling to eat [sic], and quickly thaw thumthing was mithing. They took me to the local vet hothpital, and I was tranthferred to the R-ETH-P-THEE-A.

The ad continues to explain her story with this endearing lisp.

Hello there, my name ith Jawths.I wath brought into the thelter ath a thray cat. Luckily thumone thpotted me when I…

Posted by RSPCA NSW onThursday, December 10, 2015

“Like all our animals, we try to find what makes them special, and share it with the world,” said RSPCA spokeswoman, Jessica Conway. “We are celebrating this ‘difference’ as what makes her so special and unique.”

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And perhaps because they highlighted this special, unique difference, she was adopted just days later.

Yay for Jaws! All of uth at The Animal Rethcue Thite hope she findth happineth and love in her forever home.

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