Java: A Lover, Not a Fighter

Today’s Dog of the Day is the story of a human who refused to believe that all pit bulls are bad, and a pit bull who wouldn’t believe the same about humans. Read Java and Jesse’s story.


My fiancé (now husband) knew how much I wanted a dog, so a few months before we got married he finally gave in. I’ve always had a soft spot for any animal, but pit bulls’ reputation as “aggressive dogs” didn’t sit right with me — I knew by seeing their huge, happy, smiling faces that the breed itself didn’t deserve that label. I found a rescue in Colorado, and as I read Java’s story, tears were streaming down my face. I knew he was going to be my dog. Long story short, he was rescued as part of a three-state dog fighting raid in 2009, and they suspected he was a bait dog due to his scars and non-aggressive personality. We picked him up in May 2010 from his foster parent’s house, and he didn’t even need a leash, he just jumped into the backseat of our car like he was saying, “Okay guys, I’m ready to go home.”

We adopted Java when he was between five and six. We knew we were adopting an older dog who wouldn’t be with us for a long time, but his genuine, laid-back nature was undeniable. Once we got him home, he slowly learned what it meant to be a dog. He would chase tennis balls, reveled in long walks and sniffing on the trail outside of our house, he loved ice cream and belly rubs, but most of all he loved snuggling with my husband and me in bed. We couldn’t have asked for a more gentle, good-hearted, sweet soul.

We lost Java in January of this year to a neurological disorder, and it was heartbreaking. He brought a smile to everyone’s face with his goofy personality and we miss him so so much everyday, but we know he’s happy and healthy somewhere over the rainbow bridge.

Jesse Mangnall
Roxborough, CO
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