Dog Rescue Stories: Sweet Jane Survived Because A Good Human Stopped to Help Her

Rachel was working on a Saturday when Jason, her husband, left her a voicemail (which he never does). He said that all was okay, but to call him as soon as she had the chance.

Apparently, on the way to the store, in the absolute pouring rain, he almost ran into a puppy (now named Jane) in the middle of the road.

He got out, saw that she was in terrible shape, and realized no one was looking for her. She was covered in scabs, bleeding, had horrible mange and was severely emaciated.

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Jason brought Jane home and when Rachel arrived, they gave her a bath, fed her and set up one of their other dog’s old crates in the garage. They had no intentions of keeping her.

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Rachel volunteers for Big Dog Ranch Rescue and she called them the next morning to see if she could bring Jane in. Unfortunately, they were at full capacity, and weren’t sure they could help.

Rachel then called her contact at the rescue and sent her photos of Jane. Her contact then put Rachel in touch with the owner of the rescue who said to bring Jane in for vetting, and asked if Rachel and Jason could foster her.

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Jane was so sweet and had been through so much, Rachel and Jason just wanted to make sure she was going to be okay, so they agreed.

She couldn’t be put up for adoption until she was healthy enough to be spayed. That took about four months.

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Rachel has no idea how other foster families do it. They were completely smitten with Jane, so, they adopted her!

She’s been in her forever home for a litter over a year now, and while it’s been challenging at times, they can’t imagine their lives without her.

This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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