Blind Senior Pup And His Guide-Dog-Mom Spent 6 Months In A Shelter Before Social Media Changed Their Lives Forever

Jake is a beautiful 10-year-old Chesapeake Retriever. He had been living at Furry Friend Refuge in Iowa for 6 months. Furry Friend Refuge is a no kill shelter that works around the clock trying to place their animals in loving forever homes.

To them, Jake is very special. He’s a senior dog that is also blind. Amazingly, Jake has his very own guide dog who is also his very best friend…

His MOM!

“Jake is really good at following other dog’s leads, and because Maggie is his mom, and she’s been with him his entire life, he likes to follow her lead the best,” Sayde Scott-Hainchek, the hard-working communications and development director for Furry Friends Refuge, told The Dodo.

“He listens to where she’s going,” she said. “He follows her scent. He kind of stays close and keeps his ears open.”

The loving duo has it all: love for one another and the perfect relationship that benefits both of them. While Maggie guides Jake to where he needs to go, Jake brings Maggie comfort and companionship. BUT they were lacking one major thing… a forever home 🙁

Sadly, the duo was brought in six months ago after their owner passed away and they had no luck finding placement for 6 long months. Because they are bonded, they had to be adopted out together.

Plus, the dogs are both seniors and one has special needs. In addition to being blind, Jake also has diabetes. They aren’t the easiest to place… BUT Furry Friend Refuge wasn’t giving up just yet!

It had been a real rollercoaster ride finding placement for the duo. But then, just over the weekend, Jake and Maggie finally got their happily ever after.

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The shelter never gave up and thanks to the story by The Dodo and LOTS of social media attention through Furry Friends and Susie’s Senior Dogs, this pair will live the rest of their lives out together.

While Jake and Maggie were fortunate to find their home, finally, there are still many deserving animals out there still waiting for theirs. If you have room in your home and your heart to add to your family, a furry friend is out there waiting!

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