Paralyzed Baby Jaguar Was Found In Jungle After Being Shot 18 Times, But Her Recovery Is Shocking

D’Yaria, an 11-month-old jaguar, was found badly injured in an Ecuadorian jungle by hikers. It appeared that she had been shot by cattle farmer who were looking to protect their heard, and then proceeded to run into the forest to hide.

After being shot, baby D’Yaria was left paralyzed with only little movement in her head and neck. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she was also orphaned and found all alone after farmers most likely shot and killed her mom as well.

The hikers rushed her to the local veterinarian at Darwin Animal Doctors (DAD), who found 18 shotgun pellets lodged inside of her. Thankfully, the doctors were able to successfully remove all of the pellets and she soon regained movement.

After a month of recovery, D’Yaria was brought to a nearby nature preserve where she will continue healing.

Doctors hope D’Yaria’s story will raise awareness on the importance of caring for the species.

“The goal of all the vets and Darwin Animal Doctors is to get the satellite tracking collar, as D’Yaria will go from victim and survivor to a champion for jaguar conservation,” DAD President Tod Emko told

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