Woman Tells Her Dog It’s Time For A Bath, But He Protests In The Most Hilarious Way

Some dogs hate baths, while others love them; either way, you hardly see a dog going out of his way to take one. This dog loves baths so much, he decided to jump into the tub and join his human.

This Bulldog isn’t the biggest fan of bath-time. And it seems as if his human has a hard time even getting him into the bathroom, let alone the bathtub. But his owner figured out a smart and funny way to lure him into the bathroom. He lined up treats leading him into the bathroom, and it worked!

But as for Jager the Husky, bath-time is his least favorite time, and not even treats will get him in the tub! In the video below, you’ll see Jager throwing a temper tantrum in the bathroom when his human tells him it’s time to take a bath. She tries to get him to come closer to the tub, but he backs up and absolutely refuses. His whines and facial expressions illustrate just how stubborn he really is! He does NOT want to take a bath,

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