Mama Dog Overjoyed When A Stranger Returns Her Stolen Puppy

Rescuers with Hope For Paws were called to rescue a mama dog and her puppies in the bushes of Los Angeles, California.

When they arrived, they found the mama dog, who they named Jade, and six puppies tucked under a bush. They knew they needed to get the dogs off the streets and into a safe home, so they slowly began working to coax Jade from her little home in the bushes.

The mama dog was hesitant to leave her spot since she was guarding her puppies, but rescuers were able to get a dog trapping lead around her neck and gently tugged her out of the bushes. They had to be especially careful to ensure she didn’t accidentally step on any of her puppies.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

Once the mama dog and her puppies were secure in cages, they were able to take them to a rescue. Sadly, poor Jade was clearly in distress and unhappy about being taken from her puppies. Even when she was reunited with them at the rescue, she remained on edge.

However, it all made sense the next day when a stranger walked in with one of her puppies! Apparently, someone had stolen a puppy from her right before the rescuers arrived and she was missing her puppy.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

The rescuers quickly introduced the seventh puppy to the mama, who happily began licking it and offering it milk.

After that, Jade began to relax a lot more and seemed way less stressed. The rescuers described her as a “very good” mom.

Photo: Max Pixel

After eight weeks, all of the puppies and Jade were happy, healthy, and safely enjoying life in foster homes. How sweet is that?

Watch the video of their rescue below:

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