Lap Cat Surrendered For Cuddling

Who doesn’t love a cat curling up in your lap to cuddle?!

Well, one woman in Michigan surrendered her cat to a local rescue because he wanted “too much” attention.

Jacque, a large three-year-old lap cat, was surrendered to Michigan Cat Rescue. The heartless woman’s reasoning for surrendering the sweet boy broke the hearts of the rescue staff. The rescue told Love Meow that the owner no longer wanted him because, “He constantly wants to sit in my lap… I can’t stand it, its VERY annoying, he isn’t welcome at my house anymore.”

Photos: Facebook/Michigan Cat Rescue

The friendly ginger cat was confused by his new surroundings, but quickly warmed up when he was offered a lap to cuddle in. He instantly started to purr and felt at home. The staff wanted to make sure that the person who adopted Jacque was ready for unlimited cuddling.

The shelter turned to Facebook to share Jacque’s story and to find him a perfect home. “He’s 3 yrs old, healthy and a BIG BOY who just wants….LOVE❤️ Are you looking for a BIG LOVEABLE KITTY-CAT to love? A rescued cat who DESERVES a happy home where he is welcome? Apply to adopt Jacque, this cat is heartbroken… it hurts us that he was rejected this way. He gets along great with other cats, and is very mellow.”

Photos: Facebook/Michigan Cat Rescue

They were pleasantly surprised when hundreds of applications were submitted for the adorable lap cat. People could not believe that anyone would give up such a sweet cat.

1,200 cat lovers from around the country commented on the post. Liz came across the post and immediately put an application in. Jacque sounded like the perfect cat for her family. She was elated when she received a call saying that she was approved and offered to come meet the sweet ginger.

Photos: Facebook/Michigan Cat Rescue

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Her family headed to the shelter and instantly fell in love with him. Jacque leaped into his new dad’s lap and started to purr. He knew that this was his new family and couldn’t wait to get to know them.

“Jacque is loved, spoiled and finally in his forever home with Liz and her family,” Michigan Cat Rescue said.

Photo: Facebook/Michigan Cat Rescue

He spends his days cuddling and surrounded by unconditional love from his family. The big lap cat always has a lap to sit on.

“He’s doing very well and we just love him so much. He has a fur brother who is a little older that he has become quite close to,” Liz said.

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