Sick Dog Rescued From The Street Corner Learns What It’s Like To Be Loved

Rescuers with Helpanimal KMV in Russia were walking home when they discovered a sad-looking dog on the street corner.

They noticed the dog was all alone and laying on wet cardboard. Unsure what else to do, they approached the dog and noticed he was suffering from a terrible cough.

The rescuers made a decision to take the dog to a vet to get a diagnosis and see if they could help, and it’s a good thing they did.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters

As the rescue explained to Animal Shelters, “The test results showed that [Jack] had the pneumonic plague and it was very dangerous.”

Rescuers worked to treat Jack, but he wasn’t responding well to the treatment. His cough and runny nose persisted for days, and they were worried about what the outcome might be.

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Thankfully, he eventually started to recover, little by little.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters

While he was physically healing, it was clear that his past traumas still haunted him. No one is sure what Jack endured before he was rescued, but it’s possible he was neglected, abandoned, or worse.

The rescue explained that they could see the sadness in his eyes and they could only imagine what his past had held.

Fortunately, Jack would never have to suffer in that way again and he could experience love and what it’s like to have a forever family to call his own.

Photo: Pixabay/Joachim Rathke

After finally recovering fully from the pneumonic plague, Jack was able to start going on walks and truly bonding with his new family. It’s nice to see he had the happy ending he deserves.

Watch the video below:

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