Jack Russell Terrier Plows Through Deep Snow In Search Of Her Ball

Jack Russell Terriers are known for being lively and tireless. Day in and day out, they need plenty of exercise!

When the weather gets bad over winter, some people find creative ways to exercise their dogs inside, but a lot of Jack Russell Terriers would rather be out in the snow.

Some join their owners down sledding hills, while others prefer simpler ways of enjoying the snowy outdoors, like playing ball.

Photo: Pixabay/Cornelia Gross

A Jack Russell Terrier named Kia loves to play ball in other weather. Uphill, downhill, sun, or snow, Kia wants to be outside chasing her tennis ball!

In an adorable video captured by her owner, Kia can be seen attempting to find her ball on a particularly snowy day. It can be all fun and games to play fetch outside, but it gets a bit challenging when the snow is deeper than the dog!

Photo: YouTube/Simon Seeke Novosel
Photo: YouTube/Simon Seeke Novosel

Little Kia has to plow through the snow in an attempt to find her beloved ball and ends up looping in circles. The video clearly demonstrates her determination and love of her ball.

We don’t know if Kia ever did find her ball, but given her passion for the game, we imagine she made do somehow!

Watch the video below:

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