Jeffrey Dean Morgan (AKA The Walking Dead) Just Adopted Donkey/Emu Couple Jack & Diane

The Animal kingdom is filled with unconventional love stories. There was Spanky, the miniature horse with a bad attitude nevertheless developed a heartfelt bond with a Jack Russel named Dally. Then there was the Pit Bull named Sparrow, who was so much more of a lover than a fighter, despite his breed’s bad rap, that he fell head over heels for a rescued kitten named Bertie.

But these unlikely couplings pale in comparison to a blossoming romance in North Carolina, where an emu and a donkey have managed fall in love.

Rescuers suspect the pair’s unusual bond stems from their shared rescue experience, which involved being abandoned by their previous owners. After Carolina Waterfowl Rescue took them in, they found this unlikely pair, besides spending all of their waking and sleeping hours together, also becomes frantic whenever they’re apart.

Once when Jack was placed in a seperate enclosure, Emu performed an emu mating ritual in an effort to win back her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Jack gets aggressive whenever other donkeys get too close to his feathered friend.

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My boy.

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This unlikely bond led the shelter to realize the pair would have to be adopted together, though this also led rescuers to wonder who would possibly adopt an emu and donkey together.

Fortunately, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (aka Negan on “The Walking Dead, and also a long-time animal lover), got wind of this heartwarming story and offered to whisk both of these lovebirds up to his New York farm! Now this lovestruck pair is already living happily together forever with Dean upstate. We’re so happy to see this barnyard love story get the Hollywood treatment!

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